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Father Demetrios Serfes
   Fr. Demetrios Serfes

O Lord Jesus Christ,
Son Of GOD,
Have Mercy,
Upon Me,
A Sinner!

"The Jesus Prayer"
Also known as
"The Prayer of the Heart"

Eastern Orthodox Spirituality

List of Which Saints
Have Grace Given
of God for
What Kinds of Healing
and When Their
Commemoration Occurs

Compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes

(Editors notes: please kindly note that the date commemorating the Saint is first the new calendar, and then the old calendar date.)
Recovery of sight to the blind

Holy Mother of God of KazanJuly 8/21
The healing of sicknesses of the eyesHoly Martyr Menas the EgyptianNov. 11/24
Holy Martyr Laurence the Arch-deaconAug. 10/23
Holy Martyr Longinus the Centurion

Oct. 16/29
Healing of headaches

St. John the Baptist Aug.29/Sept.11
Deliverance from torment of those who died without repentance

St. Paisius the GreatJuly 19/Aug. 2
Healing of tooth diseases

Holy Hieromartyr AntipasApril 11/24
Learning to paint iconsHoly Apostle LukeOct. 18/31
Holy Apostle John the Theologian

Sept. 26/Oct. 9
Freedom from
in childbirth
the Feodorovskaya Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God of Kostroma Aug.16/29
Holy Great-martyr Catherine

Nov. 24/Dec. 7
If a husband comes to hate a wife without cause

Holy Prophet Elias July 20/Aug. 2
The deliverance of a child from birth marks

The Great-martyr Nicetas Sept 15/28
The healing of children with smallpox

The Martyr CononMarch 5/18
Protection from fire and lightning Holy Mother of God
of the Unburnt Bush
Sept. 4/17
St. Nikita (Nicetas)
of Novgorod

Healing of trembling St. MaronFeb 14/27
or shaking diseasesSt. Photina the
Samaritan woman
St. Basil the New

Mar26/April 8
Healing of hernias

St.ArtemiusOct. 20/Nov. 2
Solution to the problem St. Roman the WonderworkerNov. 27/Dec. 10
of barrenness and childlessnessSt. Hypatius, abbot of Rufinus

Deliverance from floods, and other calamities and sorrows

St. Nicholas the WonderworkerDec. 6/19
Deliverance from cattle plagueSt. Modestus Dec. 18/31
St. Blaise the Hieromartyr

Feb. 11/24
Preservation of the health of infants Icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God June 26/July 8
Righteous Symeon the God-receiver

Feb. 3/16
Protection from sudden death Hieromartyr SadocOct.19/Nov. 1
Holy Great Martyr BarbaraDec. 4/17
the Hieromartyr Charalampus Feb. 10/23
St. Onuphrius the Great

June 12/25
Enlightenment of the mind for learning Sts. Cosmas and DamianNov. 1/14
St. Sergius of RadonezhJuly 5/18
St. John of KronstadtOct. 19/Nov.1
Deliverance from horse plagueHoly Martys Florus & Laurus Aug.18/31
Driving away of evil spirits from people and animalsSt. Basil the GreatJan.1/14
St. NiphonDec.23/Jan. 5
St. Maruthas, bishop of MartyropolisFeb. 16/March 1
Protection of livestock from wild animalsHoly Great-martyr GeorgeApril 23/May 6
Deliverance from alcoholismHoly Martyr BonifaceDec. 19/Jan.1
St. Moses the BlackAug. 28/Sept. 10
Recovery of stolen thingsHoly Great-martyrTheodore the TyroFeb.17/Mar.2
Holy Martyr John the SoldierJuly 30/Aug. 12
Recovery of lost thingsHoly Martyr TryphonFeb. 1/14
Blessed Feofil (Theophilus) of KievOct. 28/Nov. 10
Protection from evil spellsSts. Cyprian and JustinaOct. 2/15
Deliverance from lustful passionsSt. MartinianFeb. 13/26
St. John the Long-sufferingJuly 18/31
St. Moses the HungarianJuly 26/Aug. 6
Holy Martyr ThomaisApril 13/26
Seeking a new job or a new houseBlessed Xenia of PetersburgJan. 24/Feb. 6
Source: ORTHODOX LIFE, Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, New York., No. 4. 1989., pp. 25-27.
Additions by Father Demetrios Serfes
Protection from EarthquakesSt. Demetrios the Great Martyr of ThessalonicaOct.26/Nov.8
CancerSt. Nectarios of PentapolisNov.9/Nov. 22
Seeking employmentSt. Nectarios of PentapolisNov.9/Nov. 22.
A birth of a childSt. Irene ChrysovalantouJul.28/Aug.10
For lost itemsSt. Phanurios of RhodesAug.27/Sept. 9.

St. Nectarios of Pentapolis wrote:
"Our Church honors saints not as gods, but as faithful servants, as holy men and friends of God."

St. Silouan of Holy Mt. Athos wrote about the saints:
"The Saints were people just like ourselves. Many of them stated with grievous sins but through repentance they attained the Kingdom of Heaven. And every one who comes to the Kingdom of Heaven does so through repentance which the Merciful Lord granted us by His sufferings."

St. Silouan also wrote:
"The Saints in heaven through the Holy Spirit behold the glory of God and the beauty of the Lord's Countenance."

Glory Be To GOD For All Things!

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