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Father Demetrios Serfes
Fr. Demetrios Serfes

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St. Basil Academy
A Home For Children
Garrison, New York

written by
Father Demetrios Serfes

This Academy's role is to help the children of our Greek Orthodox Archdiocese grow up to be healthy, wholesome, well-rounded Christians.

Nothing on this earth good friends and loving Christians is so important as the care and support of the children of our Lord God. We all need to be very concerned and we need to be able to support the great needs of our children. We can truly thank God and those who have founded this Academy who are truly helping children, and caring for them on a daily basis. We need to visit this Great Academy and to see for ourselves the great work and labors offered on behalf of these many children.  I myself had the great opportunity to visit the Academy, and what impressed me was when the all the children where chanting Vesper service on top of the hill, and how they all later onwards came to receive my blessings. Then to see them run off to play as the evening hours approached after a hardy meal giving to them...all. Children must eat, and children must sleep, as well as be continously educated in which this outstanding Academy does on a hourly and daily basis! We must ask ourselves who pays for the food? Who pays for the shelter? Who pays for the health and welfare of these beloved children? Who pays for their education? Who keeps them clothed when it's hot and when it's cold? Who listens to these children when their lives are in despair? Who guides these children with tender love and concern? Who loves these children? God and you! Your complete devotion and support is needed to cover all these hopes and great causes for these children. Then we must consider the staff who are most warm, who are most talented, and who are most devoted to the children. Then we must consider this Academy also offers special visits for GOYA, YAL, AHEPA, parish groups and many others, who themselves are deeply moved when they meet the many children and offer care, as well as support. No doubt this outstanding Academy main focus is on the total child. The child's spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs are highly addressed in chapel, classroom, and recrational settings.

So now we can say that Saint Basil Academy is an institute of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, is a unique Philanthropic Center of the Church, where young orphaned and needy children from broken and unfortunate homes can find protection in a "home away from home."

Since this Academy was founded in 1944 by the Greek Archdiocese it has been supported by many loving people, and especially the Greek Ladies Philoptochos of America.

All good loving Christians need to please reach out to be a part of this Philanthropic cause for the sake of the children. Improvement and contiuned progress are a never ending process of the Academy, which always seeks to impove the quality of life for the children... Helping to repair their shattered lives and offering them the finest residential child care and education.

Let me repeat myself by telling you all that the Academy's role is to help the needy children of our Greek Orthodox Archediocese grow up to be healthy, wholesome, well-rounded Christians and Hellenes, while developing to their fullest potential. This is for sure the challenge and the great earnest struggle, as well as the prayer of St. Basil Academy.

If you already know a child in need or if you ever come across one, please contact the Academy. To help you identify a child in need here a few guidelines:

  • A child whose parents are both deceased
  • A child whose parents qualify and are receiving welfare benefits.
  • A child from a dysfunctional family (a dysfunctional family is when parents and children are unable to live in a wholesome, healthy family enviroment due to social, physical, or mental or emotional limitation).
  • A child from a single parent household with proven indigence.
  • So now we fully understand the role of St. Basil's Academy, and now we need to open up our hearts, minds and souls to give these children and this Academy our support....donations are needed by all loving souls. Then we can sit back perhaps for awhile knowing these children and this Academy has been supported by us who truly love Children and love our God. Remember well God loves Children too. Pray for these Children and the for the Academy. Make a donation with love!

    To give the above children and the Academy a chance in life place contact your:
    Parish Priest,
    Your local Ladies Philoptochos Society,
    or by writing to:

    St. Basil Academy
    R2 Box 8A
    Garrison, New York 10524
    Or pick up your phone to call: 914-424-3500
    Glory Be To GOD For All Things!